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Studio Tecnico Midj

For many years, Midj has entrusted part of its line to the creativity and experience of internationally renowned designers, who research new shapes and ideas, using refined materials and focusing on ergonomics.
Year after year, these loyal designers provide Midj with stylish shapes and colours, which are comfortable and aesthetically appealing with their “everlasting design”.
Alongside this aspect of prestigious designers, Midj pays extra attention to the development and project engineering of its models in its own Technical Office. Focusing on the market, on trends and their developments Midj has successfully completed its available range with hi-tech products, employing a harmonious selection of materials for its production cycle.
Hence, the stylistic concepts of Midj creations are the outcome of prestigious partnerships and qualities combined with the awareness, the innovative spirit and the joyful vitality that the company has always featured, also in its relations with all external collaborators.

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